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You can convert SWF to AVI and send the video to friends or family for viewing on their computer or on their iPhone, Blackberry or other portable device.



With just a few clicks you can convert an SWF file to an AVI. The software will seamlessly guide you through the process. Choose a Flash file on your computer or from a web site such as YouTube or CNN.


Multiple output formats

When you convert your SWF to AVI, you can choose among many different output formats such as AVI, WMV and MPEG, plus you can set many audio and video options.
We can even handle complex SWF files with embedded or linked Flash videos.


Customize the output video

Advanced users can fine tune the parameters of the output video. You can specify the AVI codec, frame rate and bit rate, video size and aspect ratio. You can also select among various audio codecs and set the output bit rate, sample rate and the number of channels.
Insert a watermark with your logo so others cannot use your video without permission.


Interactive videos

You can interact with the Flash content as needed during the conversion. Don't worry about the mouse pointer; it won't be visible on the final video.


Manual mode

Some videos loop, and with our software you can select a starting and stopping point to convert only part of the video.


Crop the video

You can adjust the video area before converting. For example, you might want to remove player controls from a Flash video.


Excellent AVI quality

Smart SWF to AVI Converter produces videos with excellent quality, high resolution and perfectly synchronized audio.


Audio or image only

You can extract the audio from a Flash video to an MP3 file, or you can capture any particular frame of the SWF to an image file (GIF, BMP, PNG or JPEG).


Convert multiple files at once

Just add all the SWF files you need to convert and click Convert.


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